Create a Merch committee to discuss Massc3's proposal

Proposal to: Create a Merch committee to discuss Mass’ proposal for the first batch of Merchandise.

Abstract: This proposal creates a “Merch Committee” to discuss the use of Mass3, a MaaS (Merchandise as a Service) business, for supplying the first batch of Honey DAO merchandise for advertising, marketing, and team use at events and conferences.

Objective: The objective of this proposal is to provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for Sourcing the first batch of Honey DAO merchandise which will allow the team to market and advertise at conferences and events.

Description: The Committee would be 5-7 members, 2-3 members of the team, and 3-4 members from the community to be appointed and voted in. This committee would discuss using Mass to source the first batch of merchandise required for Q1+Q2. This would include:
30X Sweaters

Creation of the subcommittee is free
The first batch of honey merch is estimated to be no more than $1107.57 USDC.

Any community members that wish to be added to a list of potential community members please contact Sailor, directly after the approval of this HIP there will be a secondary vote on members for the committee. The highest 4 candidates will be appointed members of the committee for 6 months a which point there will be another vote.

Option A - For
Option B - Against

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Option A!!! Definitely up for that, sounds like a small investment for decent outreach and promotion. Go for it!

Option A for sure. Makes a lot of sense.