Discount on protocol fees for HGB holders

:bulb: “Discount for HGB Holders”

Creating a discount rate on protocol fees for HGB NFT holders.

Creating an additional benefit for the HGB holders, differentiating the NFT collection from the HONEY token.

Each bee would give 1% discount on protocol fees to it’s holder.
100 Bees=100% off protocol fees.
Every 6 months the discount rate of each bee gets cut into half until it stops at 0.25% per bee after 12 months.
After 12 months a person would need 400 Bees to get 100% off protocol fees

Vote For or Against

Option A - For
Option B - Against
(Potentially) Option C - For but with different rates/ratios

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I support this proposal :slight_smile: .

I would Vote B - its unfair. And someone who holds many bees has enough money and dont need discount of some pennys…

SInce there is no option to vote A and B button . At least not show able for me.
Hereby my vote “B”

And yes post deleted said the other, but when i tried to edit cause of the wrong letter it got deleted .

I say C with different rates/ratios for the standard holder vs. the rates/ratios for whale holders where the standard user receives more of a discount